Project Details:

  • Garden Owner Danko Matovic
  • Category cutting
  • Project Date June 01. 2022
  • Location New York United state
  • Gardener Team Landscope

About Project

Thoughtful design allows for optimum interaction between man-made structures, plants and animals. Basic but important considerations include correct orientation so that the structures, trees and other large plants provide shelter from strong winds, create shade in summer, and let in winter sun. Creating zones for plants with similar requirements can minimise pest and disease problems and reduce watering.

Challenges and Solution

Within our fences there is usually a stable ecosystem in which plants, animals and pathogens coexist in a state of balance. As gardeners, we manipulate this ecosystem by supplying water and nutrients but, most of the time, our garden needs little looking after. It is important to keep this concept in mind when we disturb this balance by using pesticides or introducing a new plant, pet or pond.

challenges :

Starting or joining a community garden can be one of the most rewarding experiences around. The thought of it alone induces images of bright sunny days, working in the soil with neighbors, friends, and loved ones, and harvesting bountiful organic crops that will thrive for generations. 

Solutions :

A healthy soil contains many beneficial organisms  and pathogens . Organic matter, such as moist leaf litter or compost, provides the energy for soil microbes. Natural microbial activity in the soil breaks down organic material and releases nutrients to the plants.


Take care when spacing transplants, and keep an eye on established plants as they spread. Crowded plants create their own humidity, which allows diseases like powdery mildew rust, and downy mildew to thrive. Improving airflow around your plants reduces this high relative humidity and allows foliage to dry more quickly.